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This page is exclusively for bar owners that are actively sponsoring teams for the Tuesday Night League. Only you will have this link and it can change season to season based on who is sponsoring teams. This page will have League accounting. Do not share this page with anyone.

Here, I will post dates that you need to know, such as when sponsorships checks are due, to whom they are to made, banquet info (who is hosting and details), post season tournaments and start dates.

Most importantly, I will be posting an accounting of the money collected and the money spent in an Excel worksheet, where every penny in & out will be documented with full transparency. This Excel document will most likely be updated twice (possibly more) per season. 1. sponsorship fee received – roughly 1 week after play starts. 2. Trophy, t-shirt and jacket fees in the post season.


Important Dates



Contact Us

League President : Karen Mayberry  408-466-1070

  • Checks, purchasing, decision maker, bar relations, marketing

League Vice-President : Cheryl Hoffman 408-401-6123

  • Website, score keeper, running/supporting leagues for 20+ years